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Every business needs to understand a problem in the market and provides a solution for the same. We at PickMySite are no different.
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Our Story

Company Founded When You Need Marketing Results

Every business needs to understand a problem in the market and provides a solution for the same. We at PickMySite are no different. 

Being in the business of website development, web hosting provider and digital marketer for more than 9 years, we saw the same problems arising between web agencies and business owners again and again. 

Some of the problems/difficulties we noticed includes:

  1. Agencies inability to understand what the business needs or to provide a solution for them. 
  2. Not able to provide timely and on-going support.
  3. Inability to provide secure infrastructure that can minimize downtime due to external threats by hackers or other rogue elements.
  4. Business owners lack understanding about the digital transformation and what it takes to migrate a traditional business into a digital ecosystem with minimal disruptions.
  5. And much more…

PickMySite’s mission is simple: Provide high quality, security and affordable website solutions to business owners. Most business owners own a simple website primarily for a web presence. They are not investing their time in leveraging their digital front-end and optimize their existing business to take advantage of the changes taking place due to COVID and other technology evolution.  

Our Mission & Value

Why Our Client Mostly Time
Working With Us

Pallasite Works Pvt Ltd, Launched PickMySite in 2021 to support small and medium businesses to take advantage of the “digital transformation” that is happening across the globe. Pallasite Works and its subsidiary have been providing digital services for the past 3+ years. We took our learning from our services and created the PickMySite product to simplify the “digital transformation” process.

High-Quality Delivery

Our team always follows high standards guidelines from start to finish with no exceptions.

Security and Privacy

Since all the data is in the cloud, it is important to protect your data and privacy from unwanted access.

Unbiased Solutions

We don’t create a product and sell it to customers. We focus on providing solutions to our customers.

Support is the Key

We take pride in providing support to our customers. We believe providing support is the most important thing for any business.

Up-to-date Technologies

We always train and encourage our employees to learn new and latest technologies on a daily basis to serve our customers better.

Your Partner, Not Vendor

We will become your partners, not vendors when we start working with you. That way we can deliver quick results and establish trust.

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