Necessary Features to build your business website



Business Website

Professional Templates

All the templates are professionally designed by our experienced web designers to provide you high-quality output for your website. We have various templates to take your business online.

Starter Widgets

Choose any type of widgets from multi-step forms, pricing tables, and much more. Create your professional landing page without touching a single piece of code.

Mobile Responsive

Building your website mobile-friendly is very important, that’s why our builder has built-in support for all responsive devices like laptops, tablets, and Mobile devices.

Pricing Tables

Showcase your plans. Start building beautiful and user-friendly pricing tables for your page. Include offers, monthly/yearly pricing, etc.

Image Galleries & videos

Add as many images to your page using image galleries. You can also add video galleries to grab the attention of your visitors.

Comparison Tables

Show a detailed comparison using our tables feature and make your customers understand.

Custom HTML/CSS/JS functionality

Need the option to add your own code for a custom look? Want to add social or other tracking pixels? You can add any kind of custom code like HTML, CSS and JS scripts to your page.

Countdown Timer Widget

Use this to create a countdown timer and create a sense of urgency for the visitors.

Cut, Copy & Paste

Save your time by duplicating texts, images, styles, buttons, and so on.

Productive Workflow

You can use our productive features like Undo & Redo, History, Versioning, and so on - This will save you lots of time.

Visibility for Device

You can show/hide a certain section/widget according to the device your visitors are using - Desktop, Tablet, Mobile.

Domain and Web Hosting

Custom Domain Name

Attach your website with your branded domain and make it easy for people to remember and associate with your brand.

Free Hosting

You don't have to pay for your hosting on a yearly basis, web hosting is included for free on all our plans.

High Capacity Server infrastructure

We leverage highly available cloud infrastructure to ensure very high availability for your website.

Optimized for Performance

All our servers are optimized for performance to ensure your visitors get optimal experience on your website.


WYSIWYG Editor and more

You can use the text and image adding/editing tool to build a simple blog. Or build high-quality blog pages with advanced elements to show how different you are to your audience.

Categories and Tags Support

Add your blog post to a category with hierarchy OR you can simply tag it.

Video/Audio Post

Enhance your blog functionality by automatically adding your social media posting including Youtube videos, Instagram Post, etc to your website.

Great Mobile Experience

Your blog will look amazing on any kind of mobile device, you can customize your mobile experience of the user using our blog layouts.

Schedule your Post

You can publish your blog now or schedule it later at optimal time at your covenants whenever you want.

User Management

Add as many writers as possible to your blog and start interacting with them to take your blog to the next level.

AMP Integration

Do you know with AMP you can load your website under 1 second? Use PickMySite to convert your website into an AMP compliant website in no time.

Web Stories

Create web stories and share them with the world. Trending Now.


Built-in SEO tools

Maximize your SEO results with our built-in SEO tools. It has most of the things you need including meta tags support, friendly and canonical URL, sitemap, robot.txt, and much more.


Using the built-in google analytics integration, you can measure your market campaigns effortlessly without leaving your website.

Multi-channel Selling

Integrate your website with other marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, etc to start selling your products on them.

Social Media Selling

Take advantage of Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc to sell your products on them.

Email Campaign

Start collecting your visitor’s email addresses and send newsletters, marketing campaigns, drip campaigns, etc using email marketing tools.

Facebook Pixels

Easily add any third party code or scripts such as Facebook Pixels to your website to retarget them for your online campaign.

Form Builder

Need a simple newsletter sign-up form? Or Advanced forms with currency, payment gateways support, form for your product?. Using PickMySite you can build any kind of form online for your website.


Professional Storefront

Display and sell your products or services in your online store and start collecting payment using many payment gateways

Multiple Payment Gateway Support

Start collecting payments using your own Payment Gateways like CCAvenue, GPay, PayTM, PayU Money, Instamojo, etc.

Store Manager

Manage your inventory and track your orders online easily using our user-friendly dashboard.

Product Pages

Design your product page the way you want and attract your customers.

Category and Tag Pages

Showcase your products or services in a beautiful layout and guide your customer to reach your end goal.

Coupons and Discounts

Create coupons and discounts for your customers for various occasions such as festivals to increase sales.

Shipping & Tax

Ship worldwide and reach your customers aboard. Tax calculations are built-in for all the countries.


Using our appointment management system, you can schedule appointments using your website. It supports payment gateways too.


Start your own hotel business and use our booking system to get bookings for your rooms. Custom field, Payment gateway, and many more are built-in.

Performance and Security

Free SSL Certificates

With PickMySite, your website will be secured with HTTPS by our Free SSL certificate and that way it builds confidence in your target prospects and customers.

Speed Boost

All your pages are optimized for speed and will be loaded within a second with our built-in caching system.

Fast Content Delivery

Additionally, you can use any kinds of Content Delivery Network (CDN) to quickly load your content such as images, JS and CSS.

Reliable Servers

All our server and network infrastructure are rock solid and ensure 99.95% uptime.