Online Blogging tools

Thinking of creating your own blog to share your ideas or thoughts, post business news online, or build a KB or tutorials for your product? Start using our platforms to do so. We got you covered with all the tools necessary to build your blog.

Not Just a WYSIWYG Editor

Unlike others you not only get a WYSIWYG text editor, but you also get a drag and drop blog builder to create your own designer blog post.

Categories and Tags Manager

Organize your blog posts with a hierarchy with categories and subcategories. You can also tag your post with whatever keywords you want. Categories and tags are compatible with our website builder so that you can use them as a filter anywhere on your site.

AMP Mobile Builder

With the built-in AMP builder you can convert your existing blog or a page into an AMP compatible blog or webpage. Do you know Google loves AMP pages and you will get a head start over your competitors if your website has AMP.

User Management

Add multiple editors or collaborators with other writers by providing them access to your website. The author can only access their post, not all the posts created by others.

AD Management

Display Google Ads or any other 3rd party ads on your blog use our built-in ad management system. All the advanced placements are supported including manual placement, rotating ads, and more.

Ecommerce, LMS and much more

Stand out from your competition by building your own online course and make money selling it on your website. All payment gateways are supported.

SEO and Schema Markup Generator

All your blog posts can be tagged with the blog post schema by default and you can easily change to any type of other schemas like Article, News, Recipes, etc. More than 800+ schemas support.

Affiliate Marketing

Are you an affiliate marketer? Then you are in for a treat. Using our inbuilt affiliate marketing system you can search for products on websites like Amazon and add the product to your site without even visiting their website.

Built-in SEO tools

With PickMySite, every webpage you create can be SEO optimized for your local business or online store. Take advantage of our advanced SEO tools and schema builder to build any kind of webpage which the search engines love.

Google Analytics Integration

Integrate Google Analytics or any other 3rd party analytics tools to your website without touching a single line of code.

Keyword Rank Tracker

Track the ranking of your pages easily using inbuilt keyword rank tools. This will help you analyze and optimize your website for search engines.

Sitemap Generator and Robots.txt

Generate and submit the sitemap of your website, image, blog post, etc to search engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and much more. You can also block certain pages from search engines to index using the Robots.txt tool.

Schema Markup Generator

All the pages on your website can be tagged schema with a search engine-friendly schema markup language easily using a schema markup generator. More than 800+ schemas support.

Advanced Image SEO

All your images can be optimized for Image SEO and best of all, everything is automatically done for you.

Local SEO Optimization

Running a local business? All your web pages can be optimized for Local SEO using built-in local SEO module.

Advanced SEO Analysis

Optimize your page’s content for search engines and make sure your website is ready for search engine indexing before submitting to search engines.

Social Media Account Integration

Add Knowledge Graph Meta Data and make sure social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter understand what you are sharing.


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Most Popular

Add-ons & Extensions

Extend your website functionality using our unique add-ons and extensions. Start integrating popular apps and platforms and optimize your business to take it to the next level.

Google Tag Manager

Use GTM integration to add your GTM code to your site

Google Analytics

Integrate Google Analytics with your site and online store.

Pop Up Builder

Easily build your pop up and show your offers and start getting conversions.

AMP Builder

Convert your page to AMP pages and load the page in a second with AMP Builder

Forms Builder

Build any kind of basic or advanced forms using our forms builder

Booking Add-on

Start your own hotel or restaurant or rental booking system with payment gateway support

Key Features

Website Builder

Build any kind of website with our Advanced Website Builder. Powered by over 20+ widgets with support for dynamic content, you will be able to convert your dream into a reality.

Domain and Hosting

With PickMysite, you don’t need to worry about managing your domain and web hosting. Also, you get your web hosting for free for lifetime.


Do you want to create a blog loaded with features? With our blogging tools, you can create any kind of blog like video blogs, sound blogs, etc.


Start marketing your website on various platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. All your pages can be optimized for all the platforms even when they change their algorithm.


Build your own ecommerce solution not a website with PickMySite. You can sell your products or services and start collection payment online.

Performance and Security

Stop worrying about your website performance and security with PickMySite. We take security very seriously, we constantly update all the code on a regular basis and optimize the code for performance too.