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Expand your business function by adding third-party add-ons to your website.

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Advanced Product Add-on Builder

Build any kinds of product add-on for your products. Ex: Pizza builder, Mattress, Build your own Computer, etc.

Smart Coupons

Build your coupon engine and provide coupons to your customers. Any combination is possible.

Reward Points

Provide reward points for every purchase your customers makes.

Email Customizer

Start designing and customize the email content and mesmerize your customers

Ticketing System

Your customers can create tickets for their questions or queries using ticketing systems add-on.

Advanced Wishlist and Compare

Advanced wishlist and compare features to show your customers what is best for them.

Table Rate Shipping

Add table rate based shipping cost to your order, any combination is possible.

Weight Based Shipping

Add shipping cost based on the product weight, any combination is possible.

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Frequently asked

Add-on are extensions that can be added to your website to enhance your website or ecommerce store.
Most of the add-ons are free to use. We also offer some advanced add-ons that can be owned by you for a one-time cost or yearly subscription.
After login, you can add the free add-on from your ‘Add-ons’ Page. Paid add-on will be automatically activated after the payment.
Pricing varies from add-on to add-on. Some will have a one-time fee and some will have monthly or yearly pricing.
Many of the free add-ons are open community based. All the premium add-ons are provided and supported by third parties companies.