Features of your Ecommerce website

Take your ecommerce website to the next level using our advanced features


Sell Anything

Products, Services or Digital

You can start selling your products, services, subscriptions, digital content, and much more.

Affiliate Products

Show the products on your website and redirect your visitors to your affiliated partners to make a commission


Create any number of variants for your products and let your customers choose or customize their options.

Bulk Import and Export

Use import and export tools to bulk import or export your products.

Payment Gateways

Built-in support for major payment gateways like CCAvenue, PayU Money, PayPal, Stripe, and much more.


Give your customers the option to ship the product to them, Cash on Delivery, or the option to Pick the items themselves. Free shipping option is also available.

Tax Support

Add TAX or GST to your products and start selling them in your store.

Products Management

Unlimited Products

Add any number of products to your store and easily scale your business. Adding and Managing products is easy.

Rich Products Listing

Sometimes just displaying product descriptions is not enough, using our drag and drop builder and dynamic content widgets, you can create almost any kind of layout for your product page.

Smart Filtering System

Create and attach any attributes to your products and use them as a filter for your customers to find your products easier.

Product rating and review

Provide the option to your customers to add product rating and review after the purchase. ‘Verified Owner’ label is also available.

Image and Video Gallery

Add images gallery and videos to your product to educate your customers better.

Order Management

User Account

User accounts for your customers are automatically created when they checkout. A guest checkout option is also available.


Managing your stock or inventory for your eCommerce store is never easier. Notifications for the low stock count, hide out-of-stock items options are available.


After you get the order you can do various things like processing the order for shipping, add notes to customers, you can even cancel the order and refund the money.

Email Templates

Send email notifications to your customers for every stage or update on their orders.

Store Manager

Add store managers to your ecommerce store and let them manage and report it to you, without them having any important privilege.


Meta tags

Add meta title and description text to your products, category and tag pages to make them SEO friendly.

Product Schema

All the information is automatically added to the product schema and submitted to search engines like Google.


Show your product information like star ratings, stock information, and much more on search engine results to encourage the user to click on your website.


Create a hierarchy using categories and add the products to it. Add descriptions to category pages to make it search engine optimized.


Add SEO-friendly URLs to your product, category, tag pages.

Fast Loading

Loading the page fast is a crucial factor for any kind of eCommerce website.


Coupon Codes

Create and share coupon codes to your customers to increase your sales. Fixed amount or Percentage and many other options are available.

Related Products

Show products related to the product your customers are buying and encourage them to buy more from you.

Upsell and Cross Selling

Add upsell products and cross-selling items to your products to make more money from your customers.

Reward Points

Add rewards points for every purchase your customers make and encourage them to buy again from you.


See your marketing activities on your dashboard and measure your market campaign performance.

Social Sharing

Add a social sharing button to your products or order completion page so that customers can share their orders on their social media page.

Tracking Code

Add any kinds of third-party tracking codes like Facebook Pixel, GTM, etc to measure your marketing efforts.

Other Features

Store Finder

Add your physical store information to your site and make your customer come to your store location. They can also search and find your store if you have multiple locations.


Gather your customer emails and send them to your latest offers, new arrivals and featured products in a clean designed email to get their attention.

Live Chat

Add live chat to your site and start interacting with your customers on a one-on-one section to support them through their orders.

Digital Download

After your customers buy your digital products, they can download the product automatically on their ‘My Accounts’ page. Safe and Secure.